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This forum is for fans of Once-Ler from the Dr. Seuss movie, the Lorax!! The purpose of this forum is to allow Once-Ler fans to chat, discuss, and share their love for this adorable character!! Have Fun!!!
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 BrittanyAoi's shtuff...

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PostSubject: BrittanyAoi's shtuff...   BrittanyAoi's shtuff... EmptyWed Mar 28, 2012 1:51 am

So yeh, I sketch and write and whatnot...I used to be much more of an artist...and now I can't even keep up with all the Photoshop and the Donkey-Kongs, so most of my stuff will probably stay sketch'd. XD! I might figure out digital art SOMEDAY! :3

BrittanyAoi's shtuff... Myonci11

Yeh, already posted this on may tumblr...might as well post it here, too! I'm a college student, so time is something I don't always have...Buuuut...yez.
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BrittanyAoi's shtuff...
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