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This forum is for fans of Once-Ler from the Dr. Seuss movie, the Lorax!! The purpose of this forum is to allow Once-Ler fans to chat, discuss, and share their love for this adorable character!! Have Fun!!!
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 Tedster Peddling In

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Tedster Peddling In Empty
PostSubject: Tedster Peddling In   Tedster Peddling In EmptyFri Apr 27, 2012 12:29 am

Howdy all!

Ok, so yeah, per my user name, Ted takes first fav for me, but with Once-ler a very, very close second Smile

Yeah, I've fallen like everyone else, but not just due to his younger self Wink, his whole amusing, good humorerd, semi-grumpy older self character is part of my fav too. Smile

Anyway, looking forward to looking around
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Tedster Peddling In
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